Ian Moore Signature Series

The Holy Watt Ian Moore Signature Amps!

A few years ago we met Ian at a show in Dallas and talked shop for almost an hour about tone and what he was looking for in an amp. A couple of days later Ian called and we started the design process.

After a year of collaboration,  we developed an amp with a sound that is as unique and versatile as Ian’s playing style. A rugged, gig-worthy amp that in a big venue opens up, but is just as much at home in smaller clubs as well as the studio. Hours of careful planning have resulted in the Ian Moore Signature Prestige series of amps – the Ian Moore Signature Prestige CL30, his Signature CL15 and the Ian Moore Signature 2×12 cabinet.

Aside from the classic, beautiful styling, our versatile series of single channel, 6L6 driven amps have tons of headroom and respond extremely well to your pedal chain. The 6L6 tubes are fixed bias and you have a 6V6 switch to swap tubes for smaller venues.

In the preamp section, you 4 have preamp tubes – 3, 12AX7 and an 12AT7 with a lush spring reverb that has plenty of response without going overboard.


On the front panel you have controls for Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Reverb and Presence and you have a 3-way bright switch w/center off. On the back panel of the CL30 you have an impedance switch for 4, 8 or 16ohm speaker output. On the CL15 you have two outputs for 4 and 8 ohms.

We didn’t stop with his amp either. We redesigned our open back 2×12 cabinet and loaded it with Ian’s choice of Celestion speakers – Celestion Alnico Gold and a Celestion Greenback. The Ian Moore Signature 2×12 cabinet is perfectly balanced in tone, especially when matched with the Ian Moore Signature Prestige Series amp.

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