The relentless drive behind all musicians. The call to freedom starts with a sound. The first time you heard that one song that spoke to you – that made everything in you stand up and say “That’s me!”  It’s what calls the musician to perform. The music needs the sound and needs it to be played loud and bold. That’s what we’re about here at Holy Watt Amps.

Our driving passion is to make the best sounding amps possible. To make a pristine sounding amp with the cleanest cleans and a smooth, yet biting overdrive – all the while maintaining sound clarity and unbelievable tone. At Holy Watt Amps, we believe we are doing just that. Ours are amps for the tone-seekers out there. For guys who are on the relentless quest for that individual tone that’s like no other. The ones who wont stop until that quest is done. Freedom is in the music…


Freedom is Sound.


Jim Hyatt
Owner and Operator

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