Holy Watt™ Holy Drive HD1 Overdrive


We scaled the overdrive from our Prestige D series amps into one small box. The result is the amazing Holy Drive HD1 Overdrive!

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A few years ago when we started designing single-channel amps, we began talking about designing our own overdrive. The result of that is the Holy Watt™ Holy Drive HD1 and we think it’s pretty amazing.

We took the overdrive from our Holy Watt™ Prestige “D” Series amps and scaled it down into a nice, neat little box. The result is a seriously responsive overdrive that plays with you and your instrument without changing the character of your amp. Pair it with the Prestige or Heritage Classic line of Holy Watt™ single channel amps and you unlock a realm of tone you never would have believed was possible.

With single coils, the HD1 is nearly transparent. Play lightly and you get a beautiful slight color of overdrive just layered under your tone. Lay into it and you get a beautiful, rich, smooth overdrive that sings. With humbuckers, you go from a light classic overdrive to a rich, saturated tone. No matter what you play through it, you get plenty of sustain and glorious Holy Watt™ tone!

We gave plenty of thought into designing the True Bypass HD1 to give you a lot of versatility without going overboard. You get the standard Drive and Volume controls. Instead of just a tone control though, we’ve given you Bass and Treble to give you plenty of room for tone shaping. There’s also a 3-position switch for different modes of overdrive – Hard, Edge and Soft. Whatever mode you use, the result is a warm, tube-like breakup that behaves just like a great tube amp! Holy Watt™ tone in one great, small package.


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